We provide you a brief summary of new tax regulations in our tax newsletter. It is expected to facilitate you to understand tax regulations with greater ease. In addition, you can find our perspective inside this newsletter.

Newsletter - Fiscal Incentives for Electric Vehicles and Fiscal Policy Plan for the Year of 2020
Newsletter - Regulations on Re-exporting Imported Goods and Temporary Import are Tightened
Newsletter - Tax Incentives For Transportation Sector, Sanction For Customs, And Target Of Extensification
Newsletter - New Super Tax Deduction for Corporate Taxpayers
Newsletter - Tax Relaxation of Luxurious Housing, Control of Local Tax, and Restructuring of Tax Authority
Newsletter - Increased Housing Price Thresholds for VAT Exemptions
Newsletter - Towards Certainty in Tax Dispute Resolution
Newsletter - Provision Regarding the Calculation of Taxable Income for Life Insurance Companies
Newsletter - The Criteria of Permanent Establishments and Tax Service Complaint Channels
Newsletter - Changes in The Taxation Provisions of International Trade and Digital Economy
Newsletter - Deadline for The Filing of Annual Personal Income Tax Returns
Newsletter - Fiscal Facilities For Boosting Investment and Economic Growth
Newsletter - ‘3 in 1’ Tax Services through iKSWP Application
Newsletter - Update on New Tax Holiday Regime in Indonesia
Newsletter - An Update on CbC Reporting Regulations in Indonesia
Newsletter - Indonesia Adopts CbC Reporting and New Transfer Pricing Documentation Requirements