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Newsletter - New Regulation on Stamp Duty and Tax Cluster Changes in Job Creation Law
Newsletter - Recent Regulations on Tax Holiday Incentives and Super Tax Deduction for R&D Activities
Newsletter - DGT 2020-2024 Strategic Plan and Extension Period of Several Tax Incentives to Contain the Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic
Newsletter - VAT Borne by the Government Incentive for Mass Media and the National Implementation of E-Faktur 3.0
Newsletter - Additional Covid-19 Related Tax Incentives and Technical Guidelines for the Appointment of E-Commerce VAT Withholders
Newsletter - Procedures for Filing Objection Letters Electronically
Newsletter - Provisions on Aid, Donations, and Grants that Are Not Objects of Income Tax and Transfer of Authority for the Granting of Tax Allowances
Newsletter - The Expansion of Business Classification of Taxpayers Receiving Covid-19 Tax Incentives
Newsletter - Reduction of Income Tax Rates for Publicly Listed Companies and Establishment of VAT Withholder Criteria for E-Commerce Businesses
Newsletter - Latest Income Tax Facilities to Address Covid-19 and Guidelines for the DGT’s Tasks in the New Normal
Newsletter - Electronic Trial Proceedings of the Tax Court
Newsletter - VAT on Digital Goods and Services from Overseas and The Resuming of Trial Proceedings and Tax Court Services
Newsletter - Expansion of Types of Taxpayers Affected by COVID-19 who Receive Tax Incentive
Newsletter - Tax Return Procedures During COVID-19 Pandemic and Provisions on Article 25 Income Tax Installments at a New Rate
Newsletter - New Tax Facilities on Goods and Services Required to Address COVID-19 and Revision on 2020 State Budget
Newsletter - Taxation Policies to Counter the Threat of Economic Recession and the Issuance of APA Implementing Regulation
Newsletter - The Terms of Service of The DGT and Tax Court Temporary Suspension in Response to COVID-19
Newsletter - Changes in Small Tax Office’s Tasks, Functions and Operational Procedures
Newsletter - Latest Provisions on Indonesia’s Tax Allowance
Newsletter - The Revocation of Treasurer’s Taxpayer Identification Number and VAT Policy on Textbooks
Newsletter -Taxation Provisions on Imports of Consigned Goods & the Simplification of Customs Registration
Newsletter - Realization of 2019 State Budget & Indonesia's Position in MLI
Newsletter - New Provisions on Land & Building Tax
Newsletter - Tax Facilities for Certain Investments and New Provisions Related to Taxation Data, Excise and e-Trade
Newsletter - Government Launched Temporary Safeguard Import Duty
Newsletter - Increase of Tobacco Product Excise Rate & Re-stipulation of Sales Taxes on Luxury Goods for Motor Vehicles
Newsletter - VAT Refund for Tourist: Simplified Retail Shop Registration Mechanism
Newsletter - New Provisions on Article 25 Income Tax Installment and Compliance Risk Management
Newsletter - Technical Rules for Super Tax Deduction on Vocational Activities Released
Newsletter - New Fiscal Relaxation for Pharmaceutical Upstream Oil Gas and Tourism Sectors
Newsletter - Fiscal Incentives for Electric Vehicles and Fiscal Policy Plan for the Year of 2020
Newsletter - Regulations on Re-exporting Imported Goods and Temporary Import are Tightened
Newsletter - Tax Incentives For Transportation Sector, Sanction For Customs, And Target Of Extensification
Newsletter - New Super Tax Deduction for Corporate Taxpayers
Newsletter - Tax Relaxation of Luxurious Housing, Control of Local Tax, and Restructuring of Tax Authority
Newsletter - Increased Housing Price Thresholds for VAT Exemptions
Newsletter - Towards Certainty in Tax Dispute Resolution
Newsletter - Provision Regarding the Calculation of Taxable Income for Life Insurance Companies
Newsletter - The Criteria of Permanent Establishments and Tax Service Complaint Channels
Newsletter - Changes in The Taxation Provisions of International Trade and Digital Economy
Newsletter - Deadline for The Filing of Annual Personal Income Tax Returns
Newsletter - Fiscal Facilities For Boosting Investment and Economic Growth
Newsletter - ‘3 in 1’ Tax Services through iKSWP Application
Newsletter - Update on New Tax Holiday Regime in Indonesia
Newsletter - An Update on CbC Reporting Regulations in Indonesia
Newsletter - Indonesia Adopts CbC Reporting and New Transfer Pricing Documentation Requirements